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Services we can provide for you.

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Our Services

We want you to relax on your special day...

We can decorate, manage your wedding, develop budget plans, and assist with all of your vendors. You are not just selecting a venue, you selecting a professional team who preform these tasks every week. We don't want you to break a nail on the day of your wedding! You can choose to take full advantage of an all-inclusive full-service package or fill in the gaps with what you already have. Whatever you decide, know you will be taken care of by all of us, your special day is our special day!

Full Planning & Coordination Services

If you have no clue where to start then start with us. We can help you with every single step in the planning process. If you have some plans figured out, but are stuck, then let us pick up where your at and take it from there. Even if you are simply looking for someone to make sure your ceremony and reception are in good hands, then look no further. We can help you with whatever planning step your at.  

Catering Services

Tasty and beautiful, our catering offers hand served appetizers, dinner selections, and snacks to each guest. Our new menu won't take the spotlight off of you for too long. But who can resist the tiny dressing bottles that come with our wine glass salads?

Budgeting Services

Perhaps the most important topic on everyone's mind. Come sit down and let us figure out how to get all your needs, and a few of your most important wants, all within a budget you feel comfortable with. 

Decoration Services

Whoever said "it takes a village" never decorated for an entire wedding. We offer packages for every aspect of designing your dream wedding. Select one element such as your head table or centerpieces, or allow us to do it all for you. We have a variety of styles and designs to select from. Our full-service package is a budget friendly plan as we have a room full of decorations you don't have to buy.

Stationary Services

A brand new addition to our offerings, a multitude of new options with making a cohesive theme for your wedding. We offer invitation design, table number creation, signs for your side tables and bar menus. Feeling fancy? We can even make individual menu cards for each place sitting so each of your guest will feel you truly thought about them when creating your guest list. 

Vendors and Guest Services

If you need assistance finding a photogropher, D.J., or even an Officiant, we have a list of top notch vendors we have worked with and highly reccommend. You shouldn't ever have to worry about finding a trusted professional. We know them all and are happy to get you connect with them.

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