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Confessions of a Wedding Coordinator

Sometimes my thankfulness for this job hits at the oddest times. I'm never prepared for it. In the moments I want to be thankful and appreciate what is happening around me, it never fails that something comes up (cake needs to be cut, someone flooded the bathroom, a bridesmaid has misplaced her flowers), and the moment is whisked away.

Tonight, I'm standing in an empty venue, making sure everything is where it needs to be for the wedding tomorrow, and it hits me; this is my favorite part of what I do- it's the calm before the storm, the moment of making sure everything is perfect for the couple getting married tomorrow. And in this moment, I appreciate it all- the team who works so hard every weekend to make dreams come true, my love for the industry, all of the couples who put their hope and trust in our hands.

I love sitting back and watching it all come together. I love standing here knowing the peace of mind the bride will have when she walks in to see my handiwork the next morning (fingers crossed).

It's hard to remember these things in such a high stress environment, weekend after weekend, so I'm beyond grateful for moments like these.

It truly is the little things; from an officiant telling me how happy he is to have me there to "herd the cats" with him, to making the mother and mother in law happy because I'm going to help put out the final touches tomorrow to take that stress from them. I'm grateful for families who bring these moments to me.

Paige and Dustin (and baby Benson), I hope tomorrow is everything you've ever dreamed of, and more. I can't wait to coordinate your wedding and watch all the beauty happen. Thank you for giving me this moment; I look forward to helping give you your own moment tomorrow.


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