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A Little Help from our Friends

How does that one song go... "Oh I get by with a little help from my friends"? Got it. I think that should be the theme song for the hospitality industry. No, seriously, this entire industry is built on teamwork and businesses helping businesses. It's crazy to think sometimes, how much we all work together to provide the same end goal for a beautiful wedding.

We have a particular friend we want to highlight here. Susie (of Park Avenue Blooms) is the woman of the hour. This woman works her booty off for every single client she (or we) has. We like to say she's overworked and underpaid, because it's the absolute truth. I've seen Susie here setting up for a wedding at 1am, and I've seen her back the next morning at 8am or earlier to finish what she couldn't get done the night before. Some days it's a quick setup and she pops on to help my staff, and some days, she's here for hours on end making sure everything is perfect.

Here's what our General Manager, Melissa, has to say: "This is our Floral Designer Susie. If you have ever met her, you know that she gives everything she has to everything she does. She sometimes has her awesome team with her, sometimes she comes alone, but she always comes with the intent of giving 110%. We don't know what we would do without you Susie. Thank you for all you do for us."

Susie, we really wouldn't know what to do without you. Thank you, sincerely, for everything you do for our couples, and for our staff. Here's to many more years of getting by with some help from our friends!

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