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Midnight Carnival Extravagaza

Picture this: maracas, music, masks, hats, a late-night snack bar, and passed tequila shots.

What on earth are you talking about, Amy!? I know, that’s what you’re thinking (and I know you want to be there, too). I’ll tell you. I’m talking about a wildly unique evening of fun and fantasy, taking place right smack dab in the middle of a glamorous wedding!

Isabela and Clint were married in The Courtyard earlier this year, and when they brought their idea of a “Midnight Carnival” to us, we were all about jumping in and helping them plan the evening of their dreams.

Our staff rolled out a delicious midnight menu for their guests to snack on, and carried tequila shots and limes around to the crowd, helping to get the party started (really it was just us helping light up the dance floor-this family can move!). The guests donned masks and personalized sombreros, and shook their maracas until they couldn’t shake them anymore.

What was the purpose of the midnight carnival, you may be asking? It seems a little wacky and crazy (and over the top fun-but we may be a little biased there). I’m always curious how our couples come up with these incredible ideas, so I asked Izzy the same thing, and here was her response:

“The midnight carnival idea was actually all my mom’s idea; she did something like this at both of my brothers’ weddings, and it's a Nicaraguan tradition I believe, at weddings to kind of get the party started! So I can't take any credit; it was all my mom’s incredible, hysterical, amazing idea.”

Let me tell you a little secret about the wedding industry. We LOVE this kind of thing. Unique twists on your wedding are absolutely what we live for (and your guests will love it too)! Let us help you create something like this! We’ve done waffle bars, late night snacks, and now, we can say we’ve done a midnight carnival, and it was t-totally INCREDIBLE.

Just look at those happy faces, and tell me you don’t want to see your guests beaming and dancing like that. Can’t do it, can ya? Well, then let us help you create something equally as magical for your wedding!

Thank you, Izzy and Clint (and family) for letting us be part of your special day, and for throwing such a rocking party!

If you’re interested in creating something unique to make your wedding stand out, we would love to help you! Bring us your ideas and we can build something beautiful together!

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