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To First Look, or to Leave it for the Aisle

First looks are a topic of huge debate in the wedding industry; some couples love them, some are adamantly opposed; those are the couples that want that organic first look as the bride comes down the aisle for the first time. They want that moment of awe-inspiring gasping of guests and a teary-eyed partner at the end of the aisle.

Whether you love them, hate them, or you’re on the fence about the whole ordeal (why does it really matter, right?), you’re here to read my opinion about them, so buckle up.

I believe that First Looks have both pros and cons to them. So, the easiest way for me to explain myself to all of you (the three people who probably read this blog with any regularity), is to make a list. Here we go.

  1. A First Look will give you peace of mind. You will see your favorite person in the entire world (hopefully) before the biggest moment of your lives, and it will take some of the pressure off.

  2. You get to have a moment with just the two of you. No prying eyes, no 200 guests staring at you waiting for what they believe should be your reaction, whether that is the reaction you give or not. It is the most perfect and true reaction you will get, and you get to snuggle a little bit before an exciting moment in your life together.

  3. The moment when you walk down the aisle is still just as special. No, I’m not lying, I’m not just trying to assuage you, I’m being honest. You will still have those butterflies as you walk down and see your fiancé’s face, and they still could possibly cry (hey, it might even be the second time they cry upon seeing you, if you do a first look 😉 ).

  4. You can get your photos DONE! No more waiting outside and posing for photos while all your friends and family are inside getting a cocktail and mingling with one another. You can go join them!

  5. Earlier dinner! Trust me, you’ll be starving by the time you say, “I Do,” and if you already have your photos done, you can go straight into dinner.

  6. Also, earlier party! Same as above, no photos, no wait, straight into the dancing and the drinks. Many perks on this one.

By now, I’m sure you know that I am Pro-First Look. Guess what though, I didn’t do one on my wedding day, so I’m not biased towards or against them. I wish I had done one, but we chose to keep it traditional. I was ready to eat my own arm off, as was my fiancé (and she gets hangry, so you know that photos were just SUPER fun).

And another thing I love that won’t fit into a bullet point, you can make your First Look so unique; walk up and tap your fiancé on the shoulder, do a balloon release, have blindfolds on and have your maid of honor and best man take them off to reveal you to one another, read your promises to one another, take that moment and enjoy one another in the comfort of just the two of you. I’ve even seen it done where you read your vows to one another during a first look. That way, it truly is like that moment in the ceremony. It’s like that scene in the movie where two people are in love and everything else fades away and they’re on a beach by themselves or something. It’s that perfect moment of calm and serene

You can even do a hybrid, if you’re not totally sold on the idea. “First Touches” are becoming more and more of a trend in the industry. So maybe you don’t want to see one another, but maybe you hold hands on either side of a corner while you read letters written to one another, or you stand back to back and soak up a sweet moment with just the two of you. It’s the little things that are going to mean the most during this special day, so take as much time with your significant other as you can.

I could go on and on about how I feel here, but you get the gist. To First Look or not is 100% up to you and your fiancé, but I can just about guarantee that you will not be disappointed if you choose to do so.

We can help make it unique for the two of you, as can your photographer. If you want to do a first look but don’t know how, just ask for some advice. Typically, we have millions of ideas and will love it if you jump on board with one!

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